Facts and Truth

An ad hoc law to get rid of a German investor

Extracts from debates on the draft bill on energy transition.

Extracts from the open sitting debates on 16 February 2015 on the draft bill on energy transition.

Members of parliament opposed to renewing ERP France's authorization focused on its shareholder's German nationality.

Mr François-Michel Lambert drew the Ecology Minister's attention to the consequences of awarding ERP France's authorization renewal.

Mr André Chassaigne drew the Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Minister's attention to ERP France's authorization renewal.

A member of the Authorization Advisory Commission openly opposed to renewing ERP France's authorization.

Dear Minister, in a mail dated 10 September 2014, the President of the French Mayors Association drew your attention to the sale of the authorized waste management organization EUROPEAN RECYCLING PLATEFORME – ERP FRANCE, to the German company LANDBELL AG. We would like to fully back the Mayors' concern in the light of questions raised by ERP France's approach.

The French Mayors Association stigmatize the German investor

Dear Minister, in less than 10 years, producers of electrical and electronic equipment have developed a sector for recycling waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in partnership with local authorities and players in the social and solidarity economy. At the instigation of a European directive and national regulations, this has prevented pollution risks caused by dangerous waste (some of which contains CFCs) and has set up an industrial sector to dismantle, recycle and decontaminate this waste.