Who are we?

Set up in 2005 on the initiative of producers such as Sony, Electrolux, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, ERP France has always worked towards broader responsibilities for environmentally ambitious producers, working within French regulations.

Its work entails providing its 473 members and its 94 local authorities with collection, sorting and recycling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment country-wide.

Its mother company, ERP SAS, is the only pan-European waste management organization currently offering producers its compliance services and solutions to manage WEEE, batteries, packaging and photovoltaic panels.

ERP France at a glance:

  • Working in 17 countries
  • Over 241,000 tonnes of WEEE collected since 2006 in France
  • More than 500 collection points
  • Partner with 13 SSE* associations for reuse of WEEE

*Social and Solidarity Economy